Frequently Asked Questions


What is WasteMate?

It's an application that allows consumers to sign up for waste services effortlessly.

What is its objective?

To allow customers to easily sign up for all kinds of waste services online 24/7, all while creating efficiency and increasing revenue for the hauler providing the services.

How will WasteMate make our company more efficient?

Service order dispatching and routing will improve. Accounts will begin with correct routing (eliminating new starts at the top of the route) as well as optimize your on-call fleet.

Another aspect to consider is that once we've worked with you to create route and pricing polygons, you'll have a better insight into your own operation than ever before. We'll provide you access to the polygons we create/use that will empower your operations staff. 

WasteMate is striving to be the first software to bring yield management to solid waste hauling. Our application will offer subscribers dynamic pricing to squeeze efficiency out of your fleet. We’ll be targeting the rollout of this feature at discrete segments of your hauling operation starting with on-call services. We’ll offer your customers “airline style” pricing options for different days/sizes of service to ensure your fleet is operating the fewest possible hours to generate the most possible revenue. Perfecting this will take time, but we feel that we’re well equipped to achieve the goal.

What about routing changes?

Your operations staff will be in full control of route changes and scheduling tweaks by simply changing the polygon layout. Changes can be scheduled in advance making pre-planning of route changes very simple and effective. In a soon-to-be-released feature (online account management) we'll notify any customers that will be impacted by route changes for you. When the changes go live (based on their scheduled effective date), we'll instantly start using the new polygons.

Is training required to use it?

No. It's easy to use for the customer as well as the customer service rep in your office. WasteMate will effortlessly walk your CSRs through the account creation and customers can sign up for services 24/7 without ever having to call or visit your office.

How does this affect our company's CSRs?

The goal of WasteMate is not to replace CSRs and dispatchers, but to make them more effective, more capable, and better at their jobs. We realize the importance of having a real live human at your company monitoring customer accounts and bringing intangible properties to the relationship with subscribers. With WasteMate, they’ll be able to focus on curating those relationships while the software connects the dots.

Does WasteMate use algorithms?

Everything that WasteMate does for you will be driven by algorithms, which consistently take inputs and give outputs. WasteMate has geographic knowledge about your service territory, knowledge of your services, and information about your new customer. That input data is run through an algorithm to pump out consistent account settings, pricing settings, routing settings, and service order configuration.

How does its use minimize human error?

Humans make mistakes. Algorithms don’t. Each and every setting on your customer accounts that are created by WasteMate will be perfect. Addresses will be validated with USPS. Credit card information will be validated with your processor. Pricing will be expertly configured. Start dates and billing cycles will follow your rules. Routing will be ideally set. WasteMate-generated accounts will be the gold standard in hauling efficiency and profitability.

What's the accessibility for our customers?

We’re pretty sure your office isn’t open 24/7, but WasteMate is. Day or night, week days or weekends, WasteMate will be ready to accept new business for you. We run on Microsoft Azure in multiple regions to achieve 99.997% uptime.

Will we have access to WasteMate's metrics?

Yes. WasteMate will provide a timeline of every customer interaction. You’ll know how long it took them to sign up and how many visitors looked at your services, but decided not to subscribe. You’ll have new metrics available to refine, measure, and improve your sales process. It’s a bright future.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

You can fill out our Contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 business hours.