Introducing online ordering
for waste services.

We're revolutionizing waste management software.


Finally–an online platform that allows your customers to sign up and instantly order any type of solid waste service.

WasteMate is a platform powered by geospatial data that streamlines new customer acquisition and gives your customers an unprecedented level of self-service. Using it provides your website with a 24/7 sign up and service ordering widget. Your staff will be delighted to add accounts using a specialized and efficient interface.


How can WasteMate improve your
waste hauling operation?


Customers visit your website with the embedded WasteMate widget, and receive service and pricing options based on their location. Once they order service, their account is configured based on their region, pricing and schedule. The widget uses SSL to encrypt the communication with our server, so your customer's information is kept safe. All operational data and history will remain updated and secure on the backend, meaning that you can focus on doing your job instead of calculations and paperwork.


  • Intuitive, user-friendly experiences
  • Automated scheduling, routing and billing
  • Economical route planning
  • Hassle-free integration and continued maintenance
  • Accurate pricing based on customer services and location(s)
  • 24/7 system availability and secure privacy practices


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Efficient—leading to increased profits
  • Minimizes human error and miscommunication
  • Streamlines client acquisition, scheduling and management

This is just the beginning.

WasteMate is destined to improve the way that waste companies manage time, money and business relationships, but we want to do even more. Our ultimate goal is to bring yield management to solid waste services—to introduce the same level of transparency and competition that has rocked the airline industry in the last decade. By incorporating dynamic pricing, haulers can optimize the efficiency of their entire fleet as well as the containers themselves. This carries huge economical and environmental benefits. As WasteMate continues to advance industry practices, we look forward to bringing positive change to our partners in the waste industry and the communities they serve.


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